If you have a cat, it needs its vaccinations. You may think that vaccinations aren't important for your cat. But, that's not the case. Vaccinations protect your cat from a variety of diseases. Two of those include feline distemper and calicivirus. If you're not sure your cat needs vaccinations, read the information below. Here are four reasons to vaccinate your cat.

Your Cat Snuggles on Your Clothes

If you have an indoor cat, you may think you can forego the vaccinations. Your cat may spend all its time indoors. But, that doesn't mean it's not exposed to harmful diseases. The virus that causes feline distemper can pass to cats through human hands and clothes. That means you could infect your cat through the clothes you wear. You could also pass the virus to your cat by your hands. This is especially true if you snuggle with your cat when you get home from work. You can protect your cat though. Have your pet vaccination against feline distemper done.

You Take Your Cat out of the Country

If your cat travels with you, it needs the necessary vaccinations. Your cat may be safe where you live. But, you can't guarantee the same level of protection when you travel. Your cat could come in contact with a deadly disease while traveling. Not only that, some countries have regulations about vaccinations. In some countries, travelers must show proof of vaccinations for their pets. Without the proper vaccinations, your cat could end up in quarantine. The best way to prevent problems is to vaccinate your cat before you travel.

Your Cat Spends Time Outside

If your cat spends time outside, don't risk infection. Have your cat vaccinated against common feline diseases. Your cat may come in contact with other cat's that don't have vaccinations. If that happens, your cat is at risk for serious diseases. Some of those diseases can be fatal. Those include rabies and feline distemper. If there are other cats in the neighborhood, have yours vaccinated as soon as possible. This is important even if your cat is only an occasional visitor to the outside world. 

You Want to Get Another Cat

If you want to get a companion for your cat, don't forget the vaccinations. Your new cat may not have vaccinations. Unfortunately, that puts both cats at risk for infection. Schedule an appointment to get both your cats vaccinated. That way, you know they're both protected against harmful diseases. 

Don't risk your cat's health. Schedule an appointment to have your cat vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccinations help get your cat healthy.